Content Refresh Handbook

Got an old piece of content you want to update? Whether you're refreshing it in-house or a freelancer pitching it to a client, this workbook walks you through it from start to finish. Note: this course is included in your Peak Freelance membership.
Getting Started
Grab the Printable Workbook
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Download the Concept + Keyword Tracker
Download the Content Refresh Template
#1: Why does refreshing content matter?

1.1: Why bother with content refreshing, anyway?
3 mins
1.2: How to identify under-performing content
10 mins
#2: Pulling keywords and concepts
2: Keyword Research Isn't Enough
2 mins
2.1: Google Search Console
4 mins
2.2: Ahrefs
4 mins
2.3: Analyze SERPs
5 mins
2.4: Customer feedback
4 mins
#3: How to actually update old content
The Content Refresh Checklist [Cheatsheet]
258 KB
Walkthrough: How to Refresh a Piece of Content
41 mins
#4: Navigating different article types
4.1: Tutorials and how-tos
2 mins
4.2: Comparison posts
4 mins
4.3: Resource posts
12 mins
4.4: Listicle
5 mins
4.5: Guest posts from other writers
5 mins
#5: Tracking the results of a refresh
5: Was my refresh a success?
3 mins
Bonus: Content Refreshing Q+A
Content Refresh Q+A
31 mins