Email Template Bundle for Freelance Writers

Sick of asking the same thing over and over again... and not getting the response you'd hoped for? 🤦‍♀️ This bundle of 26 reusable email templates was designed for you. The goal? To help you become more efficient and consistent... and get paid what you deserve. Note: this bundle is included in your Peak Freelance membership.
How to Use (and Not Use) the Templates
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Communicating with Clients
Screening a Potential Client
Response to an Enquiry You *Do* Want
Response to an Enquiry You *Don't* Want
Asking for a Meeting Agenda
Communicating Vacations (or Out of Offices)
Giving Routine Updates for Retainer Work
Firing a Nightmare Client
Talking About Money
Asking for a Deposit
Explaining or Justifying Your Rates
Raising Rates with an Existing Client
Chasing a Late/Overdue Payment
Responding to Vague Budgets
Rate Sheet Template
Invoice Template
Contracts and Workload
Statement of Work Template
Content Brief Template
Scaling Back Work
Changing Contract Structure
Getting (More) Work
Asking for Referrals
Warm Email Pitch
Asking for Testimonials
"Checking in" Emails
Following Up With a Pitch
Asking for Feedback
Marketing Your Services
Ask to Be a Podcast Guest
Asking to Write a Guest Post
Arranging Coffee Chats with Other Freelancers
Reaching Out for Quotes for Your Content